Product image 1VEGGIE & LENTIL RAGU
Product image 2VEGGIE & LENTIL RAGU

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200g suitable for babes 12 months+

Created with: Carrot*(28%), kumara* (17%), potato* (17%), courgette*, green lentils** (11%), capsicum*, onion*, mushrooms*, salt free tomato paste**, Foodie Babe's veggie broth*, fresh herbs*, dried herbs** & spices ** lemon juice*, garlic*
*= organic or spray-free

Servings: (as every babe’s appetite is different, the following is a guide)

 12 -18 months ⇒ 1-3 serves


Wow! This super healthy ragu is hearty and super yummy.  We slow cook the veggies and lentils with Foodie Babe’s signature veggie broth, onion, aromatic spices and herbs, garlic, and salt free tomato paste.

We then top the ragu with a herby carrot, kumara and potato mash, complete nourishment in a bowl.

Tasty yums for tiny tums.


Lentils are a superfood powerhouse, they’re high in protein and other nutrients like folate, iron, potassium, and antioxidants.

Vegetable broth is healthy, nutritious, vitamin-packed, antioxidant-filled and immune-boosting.

Turmeric is a fantastic spice (it’s related to ginger), it helps with digestion and strengthens the immune system.

Kumara is high in beta carotene and is packed full of Vitamins A and C which are crucial for growth and development and important to keep our immune systems and cells healthy.  Kumara is also high in fibre, which helps promote regular bowel movements. 

Courgette contain immune system-boosting vitamin C, and significant levels of potassium. Potassium is needed to maintain a good balance in body fluids and make sure all the nerves and muscles are staying strong and healthy. Their soluble fibre also helps prevent constipation.

  Gluten Free       Dairy Free       Vegan




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