Why Choose Foodie Babe?

Foodie Babe is the premium food choice to nourish and palate train your precious little person.

Seven awesome reasons ‘why us?’

1. Vegetables first
2. Organic + natural
3. Delivered to your door
4. Nutritionally balanced food
5. Serious about food safety
6. Commitment to quality
7. Sustainable packaging


We think “veggies rule” so our philosophy is to palate train babes (to find out more about palate training check out the FAQs ) with “vegetables first”, so they appreciate savoury flavours as well as sweet. We don’t use fruit to hide the flavour of yummy vegetables instead we season with wonderful fresh herbs, aromatic spices and loads of love.

Don’t get us wrong we love fruit too. However, it’s scientific fact that humans are hardwired to prefer sweeter flavours so to give vegetables a fighting chance, we focus on the savoury flavours first and then introduce fruit meals from stage 2 (7 months+).  All our meals containing fruit have been designed with 10g or less of sugar per 100g.  So healthy and yet so tasty!

As your babe progresses, we continue to palate train by exposing them to a variety of foods, flavours and textures always with a culinary twist. 

Tasty yums for tiny tums.


Foodie Babe meals are handcrafted with fresh, seasonal organic or spray-free vegetables and fruit.  We use organic ingredients  – meat, dairy, grains, herbs and spices. You won’t find any nasty chemicals in our food. We never add salt or sugar.  Our meals don’t contain soy, eggs or nuts (oh! we do use coconut).

We use fresh all-natural ingredients; loaded with vitamins and minerals and all the super good stuff your babe needs to grow strong and healthy.


How does a delivery of healthy, delicious organic food for your little person sound? Superb, right?!  Place your first order by 12pm (midday) on Monday, and you'll have your tasty yums on Saturday.  It’s that easy. 


To give you the confidence you're giving your babe the nutrition they need, Foodie Babe is incredibly proud to be working with a team of nutrition experts. The nutrition team which includes a paediatric dietitian, dietitian and an industry nutritionist ensure all our meals provide the right mix of nutrients (eg: protein, carbohydrates) needed to support a babe's growth and development and meets all New Zealand infant food regulations at every stage.


Foodie Babe is proud to be the first (and currently only) New Zealand commercial baby food manufacturer to operate within a Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) registered home based kitchen.  Trust us, that is no mean feat.  We are regulated by MPI and take food safety incredibly seriously.  We have stringent and rigorous processes, which includes regular hygiene testing and our food is sent to the laboratory for bacteria screening. 

Foodie Babe works with an industry respected food safety expert, Wolfgang Hiepe (foodinc.com), we use the highest possible food safety/preparation methods and packaging standards.  

Our food safety practises and processes are no different to a commercial kitchen, we’re just happy that Foodie Babe HQ is our home too.  And we can proudly say, Foodie Babe is truly homemade baby food.

Maja Lee, our founder and head chef has also attained a food safety certification; your babe’s food is in trusted and skilled hands.


To ensure every essential nutrient is retained in our meals we use cooking methods like steaming and roasting.  We then blast freeze our meals immediately to lock in the freshness, nutrients and delicious flavours.  Frozen is the new fresh.

Each Foodie Babe meal contains a complete list of all ingredients and a nutrition panel (that has been reviewed and approved by an industry expert in accordance with the NZ and Australian Food Act) so you know exactly what your babe is getting in every tasty spoonful.


We make sure our packaging is safe for your family and sustainable for their future. Our meals are packaged in tamper evident tubs that are BPA-free, reusable and recyclable.  The tubs are refrigerator, microwave and freezer safe.

The premium insulated bag and non-toxic gel ice packs are reused with every order.

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