The Foodie Babe Mission

Revolutionise the next generation’s eating habits for life.

Hey, Hey! It’s Maja Lee, Founder and Chief Foodie Officer

I believe that every gorgeous babe deserves the very best start in life which also means providing nutritious real food for their tiny tums. 

Nothing compares to homemade baby food, however as a busy, over-achieving, working mum, I totally understand what a juggle family life can be.  Being a parent, is a constant battle, we want to do and give the best of everything to our children, however, every day we’re left feeling guilty as we struggle to find the time and energy to balance it all.  Raising our children is all consuming and some things have to give.  We’re not superhero’s after all, we’re amazing people trying so hard to be everything to everyone. Throw in the pressure of creating fresh, delicious and nutritious meals from scratch, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything.

That’s why I founded Foodie Babe, to make your life easier by creating and delivering premium homemade organic food to nourish your little person, and to give you the freedom to spend quality time with your beautiful family.   

My commitment is to create food for your babe that is:

- nutritionally balanced
- handmade in my kitchen with love from fresh, organic seasonal produce
- free from nasty chemicals, sugar and salt
- delivered to your door 
Your time is so precious.  I want you to spend it doing the stuff you love, with the people you love.

What's my 'why?'

The right nutrition in the first 1,000 days of your babe’s life plays a vital role in promoting healthy growth, brain development, a strong immune system and the way your babe learns to eat.

Yet most of the commercial baby food options don’t support this important stage of a babe’s overall development. Their food provides a fraction of the nutrients of homemade food, they lack freshness, texture and when it comes to flavour, well, it all just tastes the same a.k.a boring, bland mush.

So, when my daughter Valentina was about to start her own food journey, I was determined to pass onto her my love and passion for food.  I wanted her to have an appreciation of healthy, tasty, fresh food, which means being exposed to real food with real flavours and textures right from the start. 

It was also important to take a “veggies first” approach as I wanted Valentina to develop an appreciation for savoury flavours and to love vegetables.       

Vegetables need to taste like actual vegetables.  Pretty simple, right?! Well, it’s not. Most of the major supermarket brands mix their vegetable meals with fruit. In some cases, the fruit component is much higher than the vegetable component.

This completely confuses and frustrates me, and raises questions: how can a 60% fruit & 40% vegetable product be promoted as “savoury”?  Why are we confusing a babe’s palate so early in their food journey? Why are there plenty of “first food” fruit options and only a very small range of “first food” vegetable options?

Due to my sheer frustration with the lack of quality real food options for babes, I thought there must be heaps of parents who feel the way I do, not quite understanding why there needs to be a compromise between real food and convenience.

My oh yeah! moment followed with the realisation that there was an awesome opportunity to make a positive change and do what I love: create real food for babies and help busy parents by removing all the hassle and guilt.

We’re on a mission to transform baby food in New Zealand and create the next generation of healthy and adventurous eaters. Join us!

Love, Maja


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