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Choose from a variety of Stage 1 – Stage 4 meals.
To make sure we get your order in time, it needs to be with us by 12pm on Monday.
The minimum order value for delivery is $20.  

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We currently deliver one-off orders, if you're interested in regular weekly or monthly deliveries please get in touch.


We go shopping

Foodie Babe meals use fresh, seasonal local organic produce from wonderful suppliers such as Ceres Organics, Oob Organics & Bostocks Organic Chicken.  We also work with boutique organic growers. 

We get cooking

All our food is prepared fresh from scratch and handcrafted in small batches. We blast freeze all our meals immediately after cooking to retain all the nutrients, freshness & delicious flavours. 

We deliver

Your Foodie Babe meals are delivered on Saturday in premium insulated bags with non-toxic gel icepacks.  If you‘re not home, we’ll send you a message to let you know that your tasty yums are waiting for you. With your order, we’ll charge a $25 refundable deposit for the bag and icepacks. These are to be left outside for collection, prior to the next delivery. 

You pick up

Do you work in central Auckland or do you often drive past Bond Street, Grey Lynn?  Great! You can pick up your order, save on delivery and enjoy your tasty yums all on the same day.  Woop! Plus, there’s no minimum order. Woop woop!

You serve up

Now it’s time to have some fun and spend quality time with your babe, watching lovingly as your babe devours our tasty yums, while thinking “Foodie Babe, never leave me!”.
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