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Where do you currently deliver?

Here's a map outlining the delivery area:

Can Foodie Babe deliver outside the delivery areas?

Yes. Please contact us with your address and we'll let you know if we can deliver to you and any additional costs.

Can you deliver to my work address?

Absolutely, that’s a great way to get Foodie Babe meals if you live outside of the delivery areas.  Please bear in mind that we currently deliver on Saturday.


Absolutely, Foodie Babe is a great way to get your baby fed while on holiday. Please get in touch directly as we will deliver on the day you require.

I really want to order Foodie babe meals; however, you don’t deliver to my town/city, what can I do?

We’re looking to expand to other town and cities in New Zealand as soon as possible, so please let us know your interest to deliver in a particular area, so that we start delivering there as soon as possible.

What day(s) do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver on Saturday.

What happens if I’m not home, when my Foodie Babe meals arrive?

No worries.  If you’re not home when we deliver, the driver will send you a message (email, text, or face book messenger) to confirm your order is waiting for you. Foodie Babe meals are delivered in premium insulated bags with non-toxic gel ice packs, which means the meals will be kept frozen solid for up to 5 hours.  Please place the meals in the freezer as soon as possible when you arrive home. 

Please note: Our drivers will always try to ensure that they leave your Foodie Babe order in a secure location and away from the elements to keep it safe, however we can take no responsibility for your Foodie Babe order after it’s been delivered.

What if I live in an apartment and I’m not home?

We'll happily leave your Foodie Babe order in a secure location. Please give us any special instructions.

Can I change my delivery address?

Sure. Just log into your Foodie Babe account and change the details.

How are the meals delivered to ensure food safety and what are the costs?

Your order will arrive in a premium insulated Foodie Babe bag with non-toxic ice packs. Inside the bag will be your freshly frozen meals that are packaged in individual tamper evident containers. This means that once a container is sealed in our kitchen, it will be locked until you open it. Each container is individually labelled with ingredients, nutrition panel, recommended serving instructions, batch number and best before date.

Delivery within the Auckland delivery areas listed above is $6.99.

When you order, at checkout, we’ll include a $25 refundable deposit for the premium insulated cooler bag and non-toxic gel icepacks.  The bag and ice packs make sure that your Foodie Babe meals arrive freshly frozen. 

When you no longer require the Foodie Babe service, and when the bags/icepacks are returned in good condition, we’ll refund the deposit to your credit card. 


What is “palate training”?

Just like sleep training and encouraging good behaviour, parents can have a huge influence on their children’s healthy food preferences.  The way your babe learns to eat is called “palate training” and all it means is consistently giving your babe a variety of healthy real foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats, new flavours and textures to try especially in the first 3-4 months of their food journey.

Research shows that a baby’s palate can be trained to prefer and enjoy healthy foods when introduced with loads of patience and consistency over time.  Think of your baby’s first year of food as the “palate training zone”. 

The time and effort will pay off as you’ll shape your child’s palate for life and help them to become healthy and adventurous eaters.

What food should I start feeding my babe?

Here at Foodie Babe HQ, we believe that when you start to introduce solid foods to your babe, it’s important to start with vegetables first, in as much variety as you can manage.  This will start to train and shape your babe’s palate to appreciate savoury flavours and to develop a lifelong love of veggies.

It’s important to introduce a variety of vegetables, early in their food journey.  Offer a range of vegetables, colours and flavours with a focus on green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, courgette and spinach.

In the first 4 weeks of starting solids we recommend that you don’t mix the vegetables together, so that your babe understands the flavours and appreciates the taste of all individual vegetables, bitter and sweet. You will need to try and try again, especially with the more bitter flavours eg: broccoli, spinach. Babes need to taste flavours a few times before they get used to them. So, don’t give up, your perseverance will pay off as you’re starting to create a healthy and adventurous eater for life!

Also, studies in the UK have shown that babies who eat a wide variety of vegetables during complementary feeding go on to eat more vegetables in later childhood (up to 7 years) than those that don’t.  That’s just the cherry on top.

How can I tell if my babe is ready to start solids?

Every baby is so different and you will know yours better than anyone else so you should follow your parental instincts when it comes to starting solids. To support you on your journey, here is some useful information.

The World Health Organisation advises starting solids at around six months. Foodie Babe meals do start at four months as some babies are ready to start solids before six months (remember that babies shouldn't be given solids before 17 weeks). Don’t feel rushed to start solids as all the nutrition a baby needs is in your breast milk or formula.
Three signs that your babe is ready for solid food:

  1. They can sit up unaided and can hold their head steady.
  2. Hand-eye coordination is developed so that they can look at food, pick it up and put it in their mouths.
  3. They can swallow – young babies have a tongue-thrust reflex which means they instinctively use their tongues to push objects out of their mouths. Until this reflex fades your baby will push any food out of their mouth and will end up with more food on their face than in their tummy.

    When you've seen all three signs it means your baby is ready to start their exciting food journey. Yay!


    It’s important that you follow your babe’s cues when feeding solid foods, however if you’d like an idea, here’s a quick guide.

    4-6 months
    When starting solids, a babe can eat on average 1-3 tbspn solid food at 1-2 meals (15g-45g). 150g can provide up to 3 meals 

    7 -9 months
    From seven months some babies may be eating up to 300g of solid foods between 2-3 “meals” during a day. 150g can provide up to 2 meals.

    10 months – 12 months
    Eating 3 meals a day. 150g is one meal.

    Is your food organic?

    Absolutely.  We are proud to use the highest quality organic, seasonal, local produce and organic ingredients including herbs and spices.

    Why do you use organic produce & ingredients?

    Organic foods don’t contain chemicals and synthetic pesticides.  Eating organic will help to keep a young babe’s fragile system relatively free of chemicals and pesticides, which is a big reason why we cook with the highest quality organic produce & ingredients.

    Where do you buy your organic produce and ingredients from?

    We buy our premium organic ingredients and fresh, seasonal local organic produce from wonderful suppliers such as Ceres Organics, Oob Organics & Bostocks Organic Chicken.  We also work with boutique organic growers and suppliers.

    Why is your food frozen?

    Because we’re organic it means that our meals don’t have any ingredients your grandmother can’t pronounce, in other words no nasty chemicals.  So, we blast freeze our meals immediately after cooking to lock in all the freshness, nutrients and delicious flavours. It also means you can keep it in the freezer for up to 12 months and when you defrost it still looks and tastes like it’s been cooked that day. 

    When thawed, how long will the food last? 

    Once thawed it will keep in the fridge for 3 days.

    Can I keep thawed food unrefrigerated?  What if I’m out and about?

    As all our meals are made with fresh organic food, with absolutely no preservatives added, our thawed food must be stored in the fridge. 
    No worries, if you’re out and about just make sure you keep the tubs in a portable cooler bag with icepacks and eat within 2-3 hours.

    What if my babe has food allergies?

    Our meals are free of nuts, eggs and soy, some include gluten and dairy. With every subscription/one off order we require information on any allergies your child may have. We will accommodate special dietary needs as best as we can.  Always consult your health professional if you’re concerned about allergies. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Foodie Babe meals are prepared in a kitchen that handles milk products, eggs, shellfish, fish, gluten and nuts. If your child has a serious food allergy, please contact us before subscribing.  

    Do you offer vegetarian or vegan meals?

    All our stage 1 meals are vegetarian, dairy and gluten free. From Stage 2 our meals do contain meat, fish and dairy to supply babes with much needed iron, vitamin B12, protein and calcium. However, vegetarian or vegan version of our meals are available upon request, so please let us know

    What if my babe doesn’t like the food?

    It’s perfectly normal for babies to reject certain (or all) foods at first - this is called neophobia. The two most important things you can do as a parent is to stay positive and keep trying.

    Our nutrition team suggest that it can take babies up to 15 times of trying something new to decide if they think it’s tasty or not.

    Also, try to make meal times as relaxing and stress free as possible. If your babe gets the feeling that you’re a bit stressed, they may get anxious and become less interested in eating.  Keep your energy as chilled as possible and do what you can to make trying new foods a fun part of your babe’s day.

    Will my baby reject simple foods, if he/she loves eating Foodie Babe’s “full of flavour” foods?

    Foodie Babe is not about 'gourmet' food. It's about exposing babes to real food made with a variety of fresh organic produce/ingredients, flavours and textures to broaden and shape their palates. We’re here to help you create healthy and adventurous eaters not food snobs. 

    How are your meals packaged?

    To encourage motor skills, all our meals are packaged in convenient 100% recyclable and re-useable BPA free tamper evident tubs that are to be eaten with a spoon/fork, at home or on-the-go.  Making it super easy for busy parents.

    Can I microwave Foodie babe meals?

    Yes, our containers are microwave safe.

    How big are the Foodie Babe meals?

    Stage 1 & 2 meals are 100g and Stage 3 & 4 meals are 150g.  As our meals are so nutritious they are significantly more filling than supermarket shelf stable baby food brands.  This is great news, as your babe will be nourished and not need to eat as much, which also means you won’t need to spend as much time or money in the supermarket. Hip hip hooray!


    How do I manage/cancel my Foodie Babe subscription?

    When you no longer require the Foodie Babe service you can cancel or pause your subscription, just log in to your Foodie Babe account to action.

    The cut-off date for cancelling weekly or monthly orders is seven days before your next payment is due.

    Does my subscription automatically renew?

    Yes.  Weekly plans will be taken from your credit/debit card every seven days from when you placed your first weekly order. Monthly plans will be taken from your credit/debit card every four weeks from the day you placed your first monthly order.

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