We blast freeze, not freeze. Big difference.

Hey Mums and Dads,

How your baby's food is processed, is equally as important as the ingredients.  I treat all my wonderful organic ingredients and the production process with loads of love, respect and care.  

Aside from my fabulous Miele steam oven, the most important piece of equipment at Foodie Babe HQ is the Italian blast freezer. It cools the food down super quick, using fast-moving cold air.

The Japanese have been using blast freezers for years to preserve the quality of freshly caught fish for sushi.

With this in mind, I thought, it's important to share with you, the difference between blast freezing vs. freezing and the reasons why I decided to create blast frozen baby food for your babes. 


Freezing (like you do at home) involves a slow decrease (up to 24 hours) in temperature. The water contained in products is transformed into large ice crystals.  The larger the ice crystals are, the more damage they do to the cell walls of the food. 

The ruptured cells collapse as the food thaws and liquid seeps out. This changes the quality and texture of the food. All of the liquid that seeps out of the thawed food is a loss of nutrients, weight and flavour.  

Blast freezing takes food from freshly cooked to freshly frozen in 30 minutes and to -18c in 90 minutes.  Foodie Babe’s individually sealed tasty veggie pots are placed on trays inside the blast chiller and then a fan blows chilled air over the food, rapidly cooling it down. The rapid cooling reduces loss from evaporation during the cooling process and creates small ice crystals, keeping all the qualities of the food.  After defrosting, there will be no loss of nutrients, liquid, firmness or flavour. 


There are so many benefits to blast freezing baby food. Here are five of them:

Food safety:  One of the key challenges in the baby food industry is the control or elimination of bacterial activity. A couple of the most effective techniques are chilling and blast freezing.  Blast freezing inhibits microorganism growth and ensures 100% food safety.

Amazing food quality:  I blast freeze our tasty yums immediately after cooking, so when thawed Foodie Babe baby food is almost identical to the fresh product. You can keep our meals in the freezer for up to 12 months and when you defrost it, the food is nutrient dense, it still looks and tastes just like it's been cooked that day.  Amazing!

Nutritional awesomeness: Another fantastic benefit of the blast freezer is that it effectively stops rapid nutrient deterioration.  It preserves and locks in the nutrients, texture, colour and taste of the food.  Awesome!

No wastage: As Foodie Babe's meals are blast frozen in individual tubs, you decide when and how much to feed your baby.  You can cut the 100g frozen meal into quarters.  This enables your bubs to have a 25g portion at a time, so there’s no wastage.

No preservatives:  Because, our food is organic, it means that we don't use any ingredients your grandmother can't pronounce, aka no nasty chemicals, not even citric acid.  Blast freezing preserves the food without any need for preservatives or high heat pasturisation.  Boom!

Happy healthy eating!

Maja x





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