Want a great eater? Feed your babe the French way

I've just discovered this fantastic article that I wanted to share with you.  It references a piece of research that looks at how French and German parents introduce vegetables to their babies. 

To sum it up, the French way proved to be the most effective. 

So, what do the French do differently?

  • The French introduce their babies to lots of different veggies during the first month of starting solids.  On average up to six different types of vegetables. 
  • They also rotate those vegetables regularly.  Proving that variety could be the key to improving your child's experience with food.

The study showed that this approach produces children who not only love veggies but are better eaters, overall.  This may have something to do with shaping taste buds early with plenty of variety, so different flavors and textures are more readily tried and accepted.

There's also an interesting viewpoint regarding food allergies.  

Have a read, and let me know, do you think we should be introducing a wider range of foods earlier to our children? If you have, is it working?

PS: If like me, you're abit of a geek when it comes to all things food and nutrition related, here is the actual research for your reading pleasure.


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