Bitter veggies for babes? UK research says 'yes'

Is your babe about to start solids?  Do you start with vegetables first or fruit? Does palate training make a difference?

During my pregnancy, I did a heap of reading on child nutrition, starting solids and palate training.  I came across this brilliant piece of research that was published in The Guardian in 2015, that may help answer some of your questions.  

UK scientists studied a total of 329 baby foods from major manufacturers and came to the conclusion that “baby foods are probably too sweet to encourage children to eat their greens.” According to the research, the most commonly used ingredients in commercial baby food is apple, banana, tomato, mango, carrot, and sweet potato.  So, where are the green veggies? Why are they not included?  When included, why are they mixed with fruit? 

It's scientific fact, that from birth, we're hardwired to prefer sweet flavours.  Most commercial baby food manufacturers are aware of this, which could be why there are more fruit based meal options and why savoury baby food is often mixed with fruit. 

Dr. Ada Garcia, the head researcher, encourages parents to “introduce their children to less palatable bitter tastes and keep offering them.” He adds that it is unlikely commercial baby food brands will help anytime soon by offering more bitter, and therefore less palatable, options. 

Introducing vegetables early could be the key to creating a healthy and adventurous eater.

Dr Garcia suggests that “Infants usually accept new foods and tastes well if vegetable tastes are introduced early, and this early experience influences food preference later in childhood.”

Foodie Babe loves all veggies: bitter and sweet

Foodie Babe is here to change the way babies start their food journey and to make it super easy for you to palate train your babe with all vegetables, bitter and sweet. 

Our food philosophy is to provide healthy, delicious, chemical-free baby food that:

  • taste like the actual ingredients
  • develop your babe's savoury palate
  • excite their tiny taste buds.  

Thanks so much for reading.  I'd love you to contribute to the "veggies first" conversation, so please share your thoughts below. 

Also, if you like what you read, feel free to share with your family and friends.






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